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Waxing Specials 

Your best waxing results come with consistent waxing every 4 weeks or so, especially with Bikini waxing.  Waxing every 4 weeks is best, so call or text today to get started and have your smoothest skin for the summer.

Get your first Brazilian or Bikini Full for:


If you've been looking for a facial that is both affordable and actually affects an improvement in your skin,

give Hydradermabrasion a try.  The steps are as follows:


1. Cleanse with a mild cleanser to clear the surface of your skin and remove any traces of

makeup that might be remaining.

2. The hydradermabrasion step which utilizes a wand that directs 1 of 3 liquid formulas to cleanse and

start the deep exfoliating as part of the improvement in your skin.

3. Next a Vitamin C mask that is mixed and activated just before application is applied and enhanced by covering with a light therapy mask that is set for the improvements you are seeking.

4. Now that your skin is thoroughly prepped up to 10 minutes worth of extractions as needed,

which are done with little discomfort.

5. In this step a serum chosen for your skin improvement needs will be applied and absorption

accelerated by use of Ultra sound.

6. Radiofrequency is applied using a gel infused with Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, Vitamin C, Aloe,

Organic  Silica, and Sodium Pyruvate to enhance your results stimulating the muscles

of the face, assisting in the lifted appearance of the facial skin.

7. The final step is a relaxing and soothing facial massage application of serums

and moisturizers chosen for your skin needs.  

Get $20 off your first Hydradermabrasion Facial and lock in a package of 5 for $525 or get $10 off your first Hydravajacial or lock in 5 for $450 - for a limited time only. 

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New Service!! Vajacials!

Introducing an amazing new service to treat ingrown hairs and blackheads in the Bikini Area.  Vajacials are like a facial for your bathing suit area! Even with the best waxing care sometimes your skin can use a bit of extra help, so schedule yours one week before or after your next waxing service! (Cannot be done on the same day) Using all organic products you can choose the Skin Brightening Vajacial that focuses on lightening and smoothing or the Intensive Ingrown Hair Vajacial if you need a bit more clearing of trapped hairs or blackheads.  Your skin will thank you!  


Referral Bonuses!

For all my wonderful clients who have

friends who are interested in waxing -

receive  $10 for every referral who receives waxing and

at 10 referrals, receive 1

Free Brazilian or Bikini Full!



Gift Certificates Available

Gift Certificates Available in denominations of $50, $100, $150 or $200,or feel free to prepay for any package as a gift!

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