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Cr​yoslimming uses state-of-the-art Italian technology, which incorporates heat and cold to reduce fat and tone/tighten the skin. Using a massage technique which is painless and non-invasive, Cryoskin works by triggering apoptosis: or cell death triggered by the cold temperature of the Cryoskin wand.  

      Treatments last 20-44 minutes depending on the desired area and treatment.

      Results are typically visible after the first 5 treatments - however, some can see results immediately.  For CryoToning® and CryoFacial®, results continue to improve for 48 hours after treatment.  CryoSlimming® results continue to improve over a two week period. Results depend on the individual 

Schedule your free consultation and mini treatment today and find out what Cryoskin can do for you!

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