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Summertime Exfoliation

Hot is now our official temperature setting for months to come.  If you've been in or near the Houston area, you know what's coming, if not - get ready!  We're now in the season where the question isn't "if" we're going to get hot and sweaty, but how much. Waxing is a great tool for having smoother, more comfortable skin during these hot months, and with a few simple precautions you can enjoy bump free skin till the temperature drops.  It's a great idea to switch to a lighter, less emollient cleanser in the hottest months, and - if you aren't all ready doing it - to having your final daytime skin care step being the application of a good, professional quality sunscreen. The most important step, though, is to be even more vigilant with exfoliation.  If you are waxing, you have to be exfoliating, and if you are waxing in the summer - you have to be exfoliating more.   We are going to sweat, and this can trap dead skin cells and keep them from sloughing off naturally.  This can lead to trapped hairs that turn into ingrown hairs.  The best routine for exfoliating is 2 times per week, but during the summer months this should be upped to 3 times per week, or when exfoliating just spending a bit more time and making darn sure not to get lazy about it.  It will be worth it when you are on the beach or at the pool and able to show off your smooth, unblemished skin.

Summer Break is Over!

Hello and congratulations to all of you who have gotten through another year of getting the kids back to school, and if you're back at school, good luck with the new year! With the kids back in school, this is the perfect time for us as Moms and Dads to take some time for ourselves again.  If you're all ready waxing - great!  If not, and you've been curious or just putting it off because of time, now is a great time to give it a try.  Here at Skin so Smooth we are continuing our tradition of offering the

Summer's Coming!

We're past Mother's Day and Father's Day is just around the corner, which means summer is beating down our doors!  If you haven't started waxing and prepping for the bathing suit season yet, don't worry - it is not too late.  We've offered an appointment that combines the Body Wrap and Brazilian together, because we can address several bathing suit concerns in the same appointment.  Now is the time, because as we've covered in earlier discussion - it takes at least 3 appointments to get your best waxing results.

Why start waxing now?

Spring Break is over and thanks to all my clients who took advantage of the Valentine's and Spring Break package special!  Today I want to address the expectation of beginning waxing.  A lot of times first time guests are disappointed because they don't feel perfectly smooth after the first appointment.  It will look smooth and clean, but because of the pattern of hair growth it will take 3 to 5 appointments to achieve the ideal effect. I've covered this before, but it is still a question that comes up a lot - when will the hair grow back?

New Year - New You!

 Happy New Year to everyone and I hope like me you have a great year to look forward to.  There have been some trials to getting the new location open, so I apologize again for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused.  The new location should be open within the next week or two.  Just waiting for some licensing and to arrange some final inspections and we'll be opening the new doors!
If you are just now thinking about getting a Bikini Service like the Brazilian or the Bikini Full this is actually the perfect time to get started - now or within the next few months.

All I want for Christmas is a New Shop!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! If you're like me you have almost more going on than you can keep up with.  For those who don't know Skin So Smooth is changing locations.  Its taking a bit longer than anticipated because of complications, but we will be moving soon and we have great plans for making it a beautiful location and look forward to offering even more services to compliement your waxing experiences. I appreciate your patience while we make this changeover and I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that occurs during this change.

PFB Vanish - Why should you use it?

When you come for waxing at Skin So Smooth, you may notice there are a limited amount of products offered.  This is for a very specific reason - I won't sell it unless I am sure it works and I think it works well with waxed skin.  I researched and looked long and hard to find the perfect product for the most common problems with waxed skin, or the areas where we wax.  PFB Vanish is an amazing product that has 3 ingredients that work together to improve your skin and keep it clear and healthy.

Technological Updates

Well, I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, so please, bear with me as I stumble through the first few weeks of being more techno savvy with my booking and my business.  I hope my clients, old and new, will find the new formats for booking appointments more user friendly and time efficient.  I still welcome any phone calls for booking or if you have questions, but the online booking should make it easier for you to manage your appointments at whatever time is convenient for you.

Who gets a Brazilian?

I'm often asked "Who gets a Brazilian? Do older people or heavier people get them?" The answer to these questions are: Anyone and yes and yes!  The Brazilian or Full Bikini (not everyone wants to or needs the flipside done...) is done by people of all ages, from all walks of life, from a surprising range of ages and weights.  There is no "suggested" or "recommended" age or weight for these services, other than to be old enough to legally make the decision to do it and to have any reason you can think of for wanting the service done.  I have very young clients who are young adults to older clients who've been doing it for years, and it's the same for almost everyone who does it - it feels cleaner or smoother to them or it's a look they prefer.  If you have an interest in getting a bikini service done, then that's all the reason you need.  If you didn't start when you were young, don't worry it's never too late.  I didn't do my first Bikini Wax till I was past 40 and needed to know what I was going to be putting people through.  I kept it for the same reason many do, I liked it after I did it!  It also takes about the same amount of time and wax no matter what your size, so don't sweat that - it's uncomfortable for everyone the first time and it gets easier and more comfortable to do each time you come back. And don't worry - not all waxing clients get the Full Bikini or Brazilian done - so if all you ever decide to do is the Bikini Line it doesn't mean you're not brave enough. Just do what makes you happy.

Some definitions

Thank you to everyone who has taken a look at my site and especially to those who called and scheduled appointments.  Things are going great and I am really loving all my new clients.  Today, I wanted to take a minute to clarify the difference in the Bikini Services.
The most popular is the Brazilian or what is sometimes called the Bikini Brazilian, which is basically a Full Bikini with the Butt Strip added - The Butt Strip waxing is what makes it a Brazilian.  In the front, as much or as little as you want is waxed away and then we take care of the area between the back cheeks :)  The Full Bikini is as much or as little as you want taken from the front.  If you want everything - as much as can be reached with you lying face up is what is waxed.  There are many variations on the front area and you've probably heard most of the names for them - the Hollywood, the French, etc.  Mainly you would just tell the waxer what shape you want - like the Strip - sometimes called the Landing Strip, or a square, triangle, circular, etc.  It's all good, as long as its what you want. The Bikini Line involves the two inches outside what would be the normal bathing suit line and about 1/2 an inch or so inside to avoid having anything peeking out while you are swimming. If you are one of the genetically gifted who all the hairy girls secretly hate and you have no hair outside the bikini line, your Bikini Line would be a removal of about an inch of hair at the edge of the hair line.  If you have any more questions about this feel free to comment here or email and I'll answer as quickly as possible.  Remember, the secret to a healthy waxed skin is good skin care and exfoliation.  More about that next time.

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