Skin So Smooth - **As Close to Pain Free as Possible**
Available through April 30th:
3 Women's Brazilians for $120(Save $30)
Add 3 Under Arms for $20(Save $25)
[Add up to 3 more Brazilians at $40 each -
for 6 for $240(Save $60) and add up to
3 more Under Arms for $10 each (Save $15)
6 BB/UA combos for $290(Save $100)]
If purchased on your first visit receive an extra $5 off
Hurry and take advantage of this great special! Beginning in May there will be no more 3 appointment packages till the winter holiday season. So, get this great deal now.
Get 3 Brazilians at the 12 Brazilian discounted price and get ready for a hair free summer!
But, relax. If you can't do this
special this month - the usual low priced
packages are always available.